Our Network Partners
The Olive Ridley Project is on a mission to protect sea turtles and their habitats through rescue, rehabilitation, research and education
Waterhaul is a social-enterprise focused on transforming waste into resource. We produce functional, high quality eyewear and equipment, produced from recycled ocean plastic and fishing nets, designed for outdoors adventure and coastal lifestyle.

Nomads Surfing is a brand committed to protect the Ocean for future generations. Our mission is to give an eco alternative for surfers who want to be more responsible when it comes to buying their equipment. Surf fins made from ghostnets!

Plastic Playgrounds recycles fishing net waste into circular beach sport products. We are most proud of having developed a new beachsport called: ‘Beachaton’. It’s the first circular beachsport in the world and the rackets are made from recycled fishing nets. So by playing Beachaton you are not only playing a fun new beach sport but you also indirectly contribute to clean up the ocean from this dangerous type of plastic pollution called ghost gear. Help us in our mission to clean up the ocean and create awareness for this problem!

Planblue’s Underwater Satellite technology helps detect plastic waste on the seafloor. Its data enables politicians, coastal managers but also the general public understand the severity of this problem via easily interpretable visualizations.